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Premium Verum / German Pilsener.


Pilsner - German by Warsteiner

  • 4.8% ABV
  • 28 IBU
  • 3.21 / 5
    6.42 / 10

Enjoy this world-class international premium pilsener. Unique: the slightly tart taste experience. Exceptional: the top quality of the ingredients. Inimitable: the exquisite premium character. Pleasantly light: thanks to especially soft brewing water. “Öko-Test”: “First Class” The “Öko Test” magazine compared 46 beers including known brands distributed throughout Germany and regional brands. The Warsteiner Brewery’s Premium-Pils was rated “First Class” by the Öko-Test jurors as the best beer distributed throughout Germany from a family-run brewery (August 2009). This outstanding result impressively underscores Warsteiner’s traditional quality attributes.